Easter flying in Italy

Nils Åge and I drive south to the thermals in a few hours. The plan is to drive to Innsbrück and see the Free Flight 2004 expo there (and probably buy lots of “nice to have” stuff). Then we will pick up our gliders who should arrive from Australia in München on Monday, and after a stop at Skyline drive south to Bassano.
In Bassano we will freefly the first few days to tune the gliders and get into flying shape again, then fly the 5 day competition. After that Olav, Arnt and I will stay to fly 4 or 5 more days of the Swedish comp in Feltre the week after Easter. There’s more HG pilots from Norway than there have been in a while coming to Bassano, I think 5 or 6 cars are on the way south now.

I’ve loaded road maps of europe into the GPS, and we should have no problem finding our way. The Bassano maps seemed quite detailed, so maybe we can find a better route to Electronic Star (Insider).

If I can get online I will update these pages, have a nice easter!