Weekend report

Sunday seemed like a good day, with blue skies and potentially some thermals. There were lots of people out flying at Sundvollen, many for the first flight this year. It was soarable very early in the morning, but no one was there in time to fly then. The wind died out, and it was completely calm until some weak thermals came by launch, nothing to soar in though. Blue skies all day, too stable I guess.

Bjørn had the students, and I helped out sending them out and picking up. Linda flew the Airwave two flights and handled it nicely. There are some images from last weekend in the album, I’ve not sorted them in any way yet.

Monday, in my office, CU’s popping up everywhere, argh. At least I’ve ordered my new glider and harness from Moyes, I really hope I get it before we go to Italy in easter. I’ve ordered a Litespeed S 4 with all the carbon parts, and a Matrix Race harness.