3 days flying

Saturday we flew from Ringerud, the only student showing up was Anna. The weather was nice and quite unstable, but a lot of snow to carry the gliders through to get to takeoff on the NE side. I flew the target, and got weak lift and some thermals. Anna got a few turns in lift for the first time.

Sunday it was good at Sundvollen early in the day. Fredrik and I switched gliders, so I could test fly his U2, and he flew the Target. The U2 was really nice, very precise handling, and quite light pitch. Performance seemed quite good, but the flight was way too short to really get to know the glider. The tailwind came back with a venegance when we tried to set up for a second flight. I managed to forget my mobile phone on the roof of the car, and it fell off somwhere on the way home. Well. it was time to get a new anyway, but it’s annoying loosing all the numbers on the SIM card. I got a Siemens M55 this time, it’s inexpensive but have all the features I need.

Yesterday the forecast was perfect for rigdge soaring, but I had to work all day, and then had a meeting until 16:00. I packed in the car and drove to Sundvollen in hope of getting at least one hour in the air before it became dark, since Fredrik and Bjørn was already out there reporting great conditions. The weather deamons must have been waiting for me, since the wind died down just as I was hooking in to the glider and carried it to takeoff. The vario made two small beeps, and that was it, no more lift. I’ve had enough sled rides from that takeoff for a while now…