Meanwhile in Oz…

The Hay Open competition have had 4 days of flying out of 6 so far.. Craig Coomber is in the lead right now, with John Jr. hot on his tail. The conditions seem to be the normal blue and inverted, while the winds have died down enough to make an out&return for task 4. Results from the Moyes website

I have planned next years season, if it all comes through it should be a good one with lots of flying.
I’ve signed up for the US Nationals in Florida in April, and might go to Bassano the week before that if there’s a competition on. After Florida there’s a few competitions in Norway, and then the Europeans in France. The Nordics and Nationals will be arranged in Vågå the last week of July. After that I will have a long break until December when the preparation to the Worlds in Australia kick off.