Worlds – Day 12 and 13

Yesterday was gray and overcast, no one belived we would fly, but the sun came partly out and we got a 70 km task to Formosa. It was very slow at take off and no one got any good thermals, several people landed down. I took off after Olav and went on glide towards some gliders turning out on the plains, I got lots of sink and had to change plans and go for another couple of gliders closer to the right of me. I could not get up and slowly got lower and lower until I had to land. Shit. What a waste of time.

No pilots made goal, Nils Åge and Olav landed near the first TP, Johnny just outside the start circle.

Today was cancelled with rain and general crap weather, tomorrow looks dubious, but I bet we will at least go out there no matter what.