Worlds – Day 10

Difficult day today, we got a different weather system with southerly winds and overdevelopment in Brasilia. So the task was set 108 km to the north via two TP. It was very slow and difficult at the start and on the ridge, lots of pilots down just after the start and before the start gate. We only got 400 meters above the ground before the start gate, while it was OK under building clouds in the start gate where I took a 4 m/s to cloudbase at 2600 meters. Olav and me started together, but I lost him when our gaggle went back out to take the start time we already had taken. I took the first TP quite high, and went on glide to some climbing gliders ahead. The sky was now totally overcast over me, and I flew through light rain. There was some sun ahead almost out of gliding range. I went for some burnt black hills that was still in the sun, and came in there with 3 other gliders. We did not find anything but turbulence, and had to go back to the last usable landing field to land. 10 minutes later the gaggle came over us and climbed out from the same hills. Bad timing for us today. Johnny also landed in the same area, while Nils Åge and Olav came close to goal. The retrive was difficult as there was no GSM coverage to the north, and we did not get any radio contact. Approaching goal we heard from Olav on the radio that he had lift, and the Swedes told us Nils Åge also got lift back. It rained hard on the way back to Brasilia, the weather forecast for tomorrow is not good.