Nationals Day 5-6

Yesterday we finally got some reasonable good weather, with some sun and light winds. We set a one way task to goal at Frya. I took off early, and waited in cloudbase to take a little later start time as some pilots started on course. I watched them glide for a long time, and disappear over the edge at Lalm, never to be seen again. I decided to take another course over Otta, and glided from 2300 meters above Gråhøe over all the triggerpoints, and ended up low in the infamous Nord Sel, where I finaly found some weak lift and gained a few hundred meters together with Erik Vermas. It soon fell apart, and I glided out to land south of Otta. Why o why did I not go to Lalm and get up with the others, everyone who went that way got to goal. I lost 400 points and fell down to 4. place with slim chances of catching up. Tor Erik won the day again, and now have a strong lead.

Today we were optimistic, and set a task to Kvam and back from Salknappen, but suprisingly strong winds and overcast sky made it hard. Noone got any good flying, and the longest flight was Nils Åges 20 km to Otta. Tor Erik and I talked on the radio and tried to cooperate to get back up, but it was simply too windy and overcast. I landed in Nord Sel after 17 km, going back to the small patch of sun instead of gliding out to Otta, thus losing 10 points and fell down to 5. place.

Forecast is basicly crap for tomorow, with a slight chance of improvment Saturday.