Cracking in Hay, heading home

I wish it was another comp after Hay to start all over again, but now it’s time to get back home. It’s been good, but too many canceled days. Tha last day in Hay was fantastic, we had cloudbase at 3700 meters, loads of 5 m/s thermals and a long task. Just as I remember Hay to be. The task was 194 km to the SSW, weak tailwind up high, stonger lower down. I flew all or nothing, having nothing to loose I wanted to see how fast it was possible to go. I pulled in the bar gliding at 110 to 130 km between the thermals, followed a cloudstreet for 40 km west of the courseline. I crossed back towards the courseline through a blue area hoping for the last good thermal needed for a 40 km final glide. Sadly I did not get it under the good looking cloud, and driftet along towards goal getting lower and lower. I landed 22 km from goal, If I had found that last thermal I would have had a winning time. Fun flight in great conditions.

Now I’m back in Sydney, we’re having a barbeque at Bill and Molly’s place. The French team are here, Gerolf, Steve and Vicki. My flights out tomorrow afternoon. I’ll spend the day at the beach if the weather improves a little, it’s raining now.