Short report before we go out to fly again, it’s been late before we get back, so I write this in the morning before we head out to the paddock.

I bombed out on task one, difficult conditions in the start of the task, where I could only get to 800 meters. I made a bad decition, and had to land when the gaggle I was aiming for left and came back to the lift I had left. Great start on the comp – NOT! Olav did good and got 17. place. Gordon missed the start time and lost almost 15 minutes.

Yesterday we got away late, as the wind turned and the car tow people had to change lanes. Conditions were much better but there was a lot of smoke in the air from the bush fires. We got a 104 km task to the east along the highway. I took the 16:00 startgate with Johnny Jr. Gerolf and Oleg. Good air and tailwind made the first part quite fast. I stopped in a good 3 m/s thermal and got up to 2500 where Johnny and Gerolf glided on, Oleg glided straight out and landed 40 km short. The next area was difficult as we crossed over the river and came over some irrigated fields. I was a little to the left of the track and got really low over the higway. I could see some other gliders going up in some weak stuff behind me and turned around instead of going straight into the unknown. I think that was wise, as a few others landed out there where I would have gone. We driftet along the river between 400 and 600 meters for a long time. After about 30 minutes a group of 10 gliders joined and we could search over a larger area. Finally after beein low for almost one hour and getting nowhere we got up to 1500 meters and could glide on towards goal. The day was getting late and that glide became final glide. I landed 4 km short of goal, with 6 other gliders from the same gaggle. Olav made good time to goal and placed around 15. place. Gordon had a glass fiber tip break in the air, he continued to fly but landed 8 km short of goal.

Conditions today look good, southerly winds and blue skies after a front passed tonight.