Import from old blog

Hay, NSW, Australia
Yesterday had a little better conditions, we got to 2000 meters for the fist time, and the wind died down enough for an out and return task of 116 km. My glider was better after taping the leading edge. I got low about 35 km from goal, and did not wait for the guys underneath to climb up, but glided on alone – big mistake. I landed 27 km from goal. French pilot won the day, Gordon and Ron in goal.

We had to change towing lanes from the east to the north when the wind was more than 90 degress off where we set up. It’s an interesting sight when 100 hangliders have to be moved 1,5 km across the towing field. A temperature of nearly 40 degrees does not make it easier. Most people seen to carry their gliders, or roll them in the dolly. Ron and I decided to strap the basebar to the front roof rack, and stand on the back of the car holding the keel, it worked fine and we were ready to tow soon after.

Today looks good, the weather man promises more unstable conditions, and higher climbs. We’ll see, he’s done that every day.