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Hay, NSW, Australia
We got a 150 km task, NE from Hay, mostly downwind. Our towing operation went really well, and everyone was picked up by 20:00, our driver Matt is really good. The conditions were blue, with an inversion at 1200 meters. I got to 1500 at the most, some reported 1800 meters, those conditions give short glides and turbulent lift.

My glider was not flying very good after the repairs, it had a left turn, and stalled in the thermals because of the leading edge repairs sticking out in the airflow. We did not have enough time to replace the whole leading edge, I’ll have it done when the comps are over, some tape will do for now.

I landed after 130 km, 20 km short of goal, should be around 40. place. Lots of guys made goal, Oleg won the day. Miles and Ron in goal, Gordon 25 km short. Today looks good, lighter winds, and maybe a little more unstable.