Import from old blog

Sorry for the downtime! This server was moved the same week I left for the Worlds, the server with all data was lost during the move from one location to another in Oslo. This is based on an old backup, all updates the last year are gone.

The site will start to come back to life, but it takes many hours of work and I have no time until after the season is over. I’ll have the main news page (you’re reading it) and the mailinglist for norwegian hanggliding up tonight. Tell all your friends they should re-subscribe to the mailinglist, you can re-subscribe here.

The worlds in Spain sucked. It was stable, windy, and overcrowded. I had to skip one day with hurt knees after landing in horrible conditions. I broke both new uprights and carbon speedbar. (Long story…) Results at

The Pre-Europeans in Slovenia was better, nice place for flying with green valleys and high mountains. We had quite unstable weather with 4 out of 9 days cancelled, and low cloudbase the rest, but really good conditions when we flew. Full results at

This weekend is the “Milslukern” XC competition in Vågå, and the Norwegian nationals are from Monday to Saturday in Vågå also.