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Algodonales, Spain. World Championships 2001. Day 3-4
Day 3 arrived with 35 knots from the east, and no chance of flying competition. We drove to Gibraltar and went up to the rock to have a look around. Strange place, the wind was blowing straight up the cliff and wathcing the seagulls trying to land on the vertical cliff was funny and impressive.

Day 4 and we finally get some flying, the wind had calmed down, but it was still quite stable and weak thermals. I got very high over takeoff in a 4 m/s thermal straight to 2250 meters, never got over 1600 after that. I followed a gaggle on a glide to the second TP straight to the ground, I was highest but got too low before any thermals took off. Landed 16 km before second TP with about 40 other pilots in the area. Including Robin, Ingar, and Olav. Nils-Age came 7 km from the TP and Tor-Erik 10 km. 11 pilots made goal.
Today looks the same, I hope we get a task in the mountains instead over the flatlands like yesterday, as we get higher and better thermals over the mountain tops.