Import from old blog

The weather forecast for the Frya Cup last weekend was very good, but the conditions never got any good. I lost my first flight back from New York and did not make it to Oslo until Saturday afternoon, but I lost no points since the day was cancelled. Sunday looked more promising with blue skies and little wind. Eventually it turned out to be too blue and slow conditions. Tommy took off 2 seconds before the window closed at 15:00, and flew 17 km. Some of the pilots drove to Heidal and got some flying there, Terje Brønstad flew to Frya.

Monday was a little better in Heidal, I slept in the sun on the ramp for one hour and then the thermals started coming up to takeoff. Olav and I flew back to Vågå, but Erlend got stuck with tailwind. Totally blue, and maks height around 2000 meters.