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Forbes, NSW, Australia
The drive from Hay to Forbes is about 4 hours, we arrived at the caravan park where we live, and signed up for the meet. There’s around 85 pilots in the comp, 5 tugs and 2 trikes are supposed to tow us all up. The towing was OK for me, but I went early yesterday, some later people had to wait a long time to get off he ground. The top 20 pilots have priority, and can come to the front of the line whenever they want. It seems a bit unfair, but as long as one go early it might work.

Yesterdays task was 122 km with one TP and the last 40 km leg into the wind. It was light winds, and blue conditions. I got up OK, and flew around in the start area for a while waiting for the rest of the gaggle to get up. After crossing the 10 km start circle it was quite weak, so I went back and took another start time. It was 15 minutes start gates, and most of the gaggle I was with did the same thing. The conditions along the course was not so good, blue all the way, turbulent and weak lift. Around the TP a throth moved in with high clouds shading the whole area, this shut down the thermals, and almost all people landed in the area around the TP. I got up from 100 meters above the ground, but the thermal died, and I had to land. Our driver did not find us, as we all went down at the same time, and out of radio contact. Eventually we got home at 1:30, and left the driver with his car at the tow paddock, later today we learned that his car did not start, and he had to walk over 20 km to town. He did not show up this morning, and we only got into contact with him this afternoon.
Gerolf almost made it to goal at 117 km, Bethino at 110.

Today was cancelled due to strong wind, but not before we had set up in the 45 degree hot paddock. After rigging down the pool was the rescue to cool down, in South Sustralia its 55 degree, and it’s moving this way… A front with storms is supposed to move in tonight, and we can see big clouds building outside.