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Hay, NSW, Australia
Todays task was cancelled, officially due to high winds. I feel that it was a combination of wind, heat, Gerolf leading and not wanting to risk bombing out, and pilots generally tired and thinking ahead to the next comp that starts in two days. It was 43 degrees in the shade out in the tow paddock today, and 40 km wind in the gusts. I wanted to fly, but it was actually quite OK when we did not have to set up in that heat. The conditions today seemed nice, cloudbase at over 3200 meters, and strong tailwind up high if we had to go far to the east.

Yesterday I got 30’th place, 50 something overall, I have had two bad days because of towing problems, and one DNF day when I lent my glider to Gordon. The comp have been good training though, with lots of hours in the air, and the glider is now quite competitive.
Gordon lost one place yesterday to Mike Barber who got to goal, and is now in 4’th. Andreas stays in 7’th place. Gerolf wins, Atilla second, and Mike Barber third.

We have the presentation night tonight, and then we leave for Forbes tomorrow morning before it becomes too hot, it’s a 4 hour drive NE. Now it’s off the pool to cool down, before we pack up our gear. I’m writing this from the software shop in Hay, I’ll try and compress a few photos later tonight or tomorrow and upload to these pages.

Total results, pictures, and more are at
Also check out the OZ report, for “who’s Davis fighting with today?”. It’s like a soap opera at times around the setup area.