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Algodonales, Spain, Day 1 and 2
We had two days of good flying, the inversion stopped us at about 1500 meters both days. Yesterday we had a task of 47 km, 9 to goal. I landed out about half way to goal, around 40. place. Today we had a 97 km task, going NE towards Orsoua and then to goal in Antiquera. Around 20 made it in a little better conditions than yesterday. I pressed a little too hard, and had to land 28 km from the second TP. Nils Åge made goal today and landed out near goal yesterday. Retreive has worked great both days, but the days are long anyway. Now it’s 2 AM. Good night!

Algodonales Spain, Day 3
Best conditions so far, we got to 1800 ASL and quite good thermals. 64 km task. I got off early, and was among the first on course, flew fast and good, until I came low under a gaggle that was going slowly up over the end of a ridge. I never got that thermal, Robin was 50 meters over me and got up. Argh! I was lying on my back under the glider watching the world flying over me… Nils Åge and Robin made goal, Olav and Erik V landed near the second TP, and Erik B busted.

The forecast for today is a little lower inversion at 1800, and winds from SW. It’s probably going to be a long task today.