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Algodonales, Spain.
We had a few day of flying, it have been stable and blue, but OK for local flying. Today was gray and overcast, soaring on the west launch and a few weak thermals. Lowpasses over the start for the camera crew pissed off the local Spanish paraglider pilots :-) Last night someone broke into Erik B’s car, and stole some CD’s, in addition to breaking the dashboard and window.

Lots of people have arrived, I met the Ozzies today – First question was: How’s your roof rack? They had not forgotten how much trouble we had finding one in Manilla earlier this winter. This time we had ordered a car with racks, but there was no racks on it. After some dealing we got one in the next town.

Algodonales seems like a nice place to stay, it’s hot and dry, cheap beer and food. The landscape around here is small hills with olive trees and few good landings. I don’t like this site for comp flying, the launches are too small for 150 pilots with cars, and the landings in high winds looks scary.