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Driver for Compeo+/6030GPS

The newest instruments from Brauniger and Flytec have a USB interface, and needs a driver to work in Windows/MacOS. I’m running Windows 7 both at home and on my laptop, and had some problems finding the right driver.

If you have problems connecting to your instrument in Windows 7 you might want to try this driver from Prolific. Prolific makes the chipset in the USB to Serial chip in the instruments.

I’ve just used it to download tracklogs with GPSDump and that works fine, but using the firmware upgrade flasher program does not work. For the firmware upgrade I need a PC with Vista or XP and  the PL2303drivers supplied by Brauniger/Flytec.

The Flasher program seems to be poorly written in the way it handles the serial port, it’s always been a problem using it with USB-Serial adapters.