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Die spammers

I’ve been getting a huge amount of comment spam, it’s the normal porn, free viagra and online poker sites, but the spammers leave comments on my articles instead of email. May they all burn in hell. I’ve added some scripts to WordPress to reject most of it, and also disabled comments on posts that are more than 45 days old. Also posts with more than 2 links have to be approved by me first. Thanks to Mark for the scripts

Please use comment on my posts, but if you use words like V1AGRA or FREE MONEY!! it might not appear at once ;-)

New look, new software

I’ve been running the same look on this site for quite some years now. The gray/blue theme was something I started with way back in 1998 for the first static pages I made on my old ISP’s homepages, but I lost those pages in a harddisk chrash.
In 1999 I got my own linux server online, and used a cgi script called newspro for updating. This was acually an early weblog (blog) script, looong before the hype about blogging started, and worked well for many years.

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Sunday sledders, update

Alf was flying the Tug to to Kongsvinger and got a fuel problem on the way, so it was no aerotowing today. Fredrik picked me up and we drove to Sundvollen in really nice weather. It was not much wind and no ridge soaring, so we set up and took off in search of thermals. The pressure was much higher than yesterday and it was not enough lift to get up, it became an extended glide to the bottom landing on the strip. Fredrik followed after me on the U2, and had a nice landing. Thanks to Anna who drove me up to get the car again. Lots of pilots out flying today, so warm and nice weather for October and a great day to be out flying.

I’ve upgraded the WordPress version that run this site, let me know if there are any problems!

New site design

This is the new site design for my homepage. As you can see the look have not changed that much, but I’ve done major changes to the software that generates the web-pages. This homepage now runs on b2 weblog software. The old newspro cgi scripts I have been using since 1999 are retired, they worked fine, but b2 is template based and much easier to modify for my needs. (Such as making the site design very simple :-) )

There’s still more stuff to add here, I’ll get a guestbook and the picture albums up again, as well as some more content. Let me know if there’s something you want me to add, or I should change.