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Hanggliding course in Oslo

The hanggliding club in Oslo will as usual run a beginners course this fall. I have been one of the main instructors the last few years, and I will help out in this course too, but not as much as before. I have to prioritize my time differently this winter with work and the worlds in Australia coming up. I will probably do some of the first high flights with the students, as we must have two instructors present then. And it’s always fun to yell “PUSH!” in the training hill.

If you know someone who are interested in taking the course, now is the time to convince them to give it a try! Contact me or Bjørn Hammer.

I’ve set up the weblog for the course again.

Sunday flying

It was good conditions for flying on Sunday, I had instructor duty and picked up one of the students in the morning and then we drove to Sundvollen. It was light snow and a little gusty northerly when we came, but it calmed down so both students got 3 flights each. I flew the Aeros Target for the first time, nice beginner glider. Solid on launch, not as tail heavy as the older LaMouette Atlas models. In the air it was responsive in roll and pitch, but no yaw tendencies and nice and stable in turn. Plenty of bar pressure when i tried a dive, but I’m spoiled by a comp trimmed Litespeed, so I guess it’s the way it’s ment to be. Landing was easy enough, but I was suprised I had to run it in after flaring, maybe I was too lazy.

The wind came around WNW, and It became soarable just as it got dark. Can’t have it all :-)

Very good to be back in the air, have not flown since beginning of december. The salmon at Vik tasted very good after a long day outside in the snow.

Bjørn took this picture of me coming in on final, knee-hanger harness, and 4Fight helmet, heh.

Instructor weekend

I had instructor duty this weekend, it was nice to get a break and get out in the cold after a week of 18 hours work days. Saturday was nice with nil wind and perfect conditions to have sled rides down for the students. They did well and got 3 flights each. One student flew hanggliders until 15 years ago, and then have done paragliding in the last years. He got his first flight on our Aeros Target training glider and made a very nice takeoff and landing.

Bjørn and Jan Erik waiting for the tailwind to die
Resize of 105_0552.JPG

Today it was strong tailwind and fog, so no flights were possible.

In the Pre-Worlds in Oz it’s been a windy day as well, with no flying today. Brett Hazlett won the first day yesterday, with Rohan and Kraig on second and third.