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Forbes 2016, day 8

Another great day for racing hanggliders, with strong thermals and high cloudbase. I was up early to do a quick spin training session with Bobby in the Dragonfly, and it was very windy in the morning. I was suprised that we got a triangle task, but the forecasted winds were spot on and we got a great day with around 20km/h headwind on the long leg of the triangle.

We got up to over 3000 meters, Erland reported 3700m, and I was very glad I had put on some extra clothes today.

Climbing at 2800m over Forbes
Climbing at 2800m over Forbes

I took the first start with a small group of pilots, and we stuck together for most of the day and to goal. I was quite fast today, but really missed my RX (or some ballast for the RS) on the long headwind glides where I lost out to the guys with heavier wingloading. Blinky was first in and probably win the day, while I was 5. or 6. into goal.

All of us but Thomas made goal, now it’s dinner and prizegiving night.

Results will be up at sometime later tonight. It was not the best results for the team, but we got some very good flights and set new records!

Forbes 2016, day 6 and 7

We were home at 03:00 after day 6, so I’ve not had time to write up any details here so far. I’ll summarize the long 370km flight in a separate post sometime soon.

Quickly on day 7 – Classic Forbes racing conditions, but very cold. I launched first as I “won” the alternate launch lottery,  and had to waint for 1:30 in the sky for the first startgate. I was shaking of cold after 45 minutes, and decided to loose som altitude to get down to 1500m where it was a bit warmer. I lost a lot more than that trying to get back up, and very nearly landed at the edge of the start-cylinder. I found a rowdy thermal getting me back up from the trees to cloudbase. I wished I was warm – Careful what you wish for…

From the start it was an OK run for me, Olav Lien Olsen and me caught up the leaders at the first TP,  and there we split up, I went a bit right where most pilots went and Olav did the right ting and headed left to the better clouds. He did a great flight from there and came in just seconds behind Gerolf, and might win the day.

At goal day 7
At goal day 7

I took it a bit slower as I really did not want another drama landing short, and came in very high over goal around 15. place just before Opanger and Johnny Durant crossed the line.


Forbes 2016, day 5 task summary

As we were setting up at the “Bill Moyes International Airport”, we saw a area of overcast and rain moving towards us creating shade just as the first pilots were towing up.

I was way back in line to tow at 21. position in the green line, and it took a very long time to get all pilots airborne today. The bad clouds were over us by the time I could start. I got towed into rain, and it became quite heavy as as I was thermalling up in weak lift, I got soaked and the weak lift turned into heavy sink, so I had to run downwind and find another very weak thermal to try to stay airborne while the glider dried up a little.

Track day 5
Track day 5

I eventually got to 1200 meters drifting in a weak thermal, but got some very bad lines after both the next low saves and lost a lot of time. Around halfway to goal I had to cross over a shaded area with no indications of good lift anywhere, and no other gliders were visible ahead of me. It did not work and I had to land 86km from goal.

On course, finally getting some height.
On course, finally getting some height.
Landing in 40+km/h winds
Landing in 40+km/h winds
Roar was there 5 minutes after I landed
Roar was there 5 minutes after I landed

It was one of those days when the timing with lift and couds just never linked up for me. In retrospect I should have waited at the last cloudbase for some more pilots to join or just to drift a little more before crossing the shade, as the rest of the courseline had lots of sun and good clouds all the way to goal.

Olav Opsanger made goal with a very good time, Olav Lien, Erland and Thomas also landed out, as did many others, it was a difficult day with high winds and broken rough lift.

Forecast for tomorrow is less winds and better lift, hope it turns out true.

Forbes 2016, task 2 summary

The forecasts were quite bad for flying for today, and we had rain and gusts waking me up during the night, so when we woke up to completely overcast skies, wind and cold temperatures, nobody thought we would be flying. The task briefing showed some more positive signs on the RASP forecast, but it still felt like a untaskable day.

We got a 113km task downwind via the SUCK turnpoint (Which did not improve the mood among the pilots :-)) with goal at Tullibigeal. I was among the first to take off, but since the conditions were predicted very weak we had elapsed time instead of the normal race start, so we could take the 10km start at any time withouth having to wait in the air. This meant that if we got up all the early pilots would get going on the courseline so it was not a big disadvantage to start early.

Cloudy conditions over launch.
Cloudy conditions over launch.

As I was laying down on the dolly ready to take off I noticed a dustdevil in front, picking up and turning over Blaino’s Dragonfly tug that had just landed to tow Olav Opsanger who was next in the other line to my left. Blaino was OK, the plane was slightly damaged and needed a new prop as the engine was running when it hit the ground, I heard it was back in action a quick propeller replacement later. It was quite suprising that we had a dustdevil on a completely overcast and dark day.

I released from tow thinking it was still just a matter of staying within glide distance to the airfield so I could re-launch once we all landed again, but I found a weak thermal in the shade a few km downwind and soon had a few other pilots joining in the same area drifting with the wind and climbing very slowly to around 1400m.

I met up with Thomas just at the startgate after 10km, and we flew together with a few other pilots for the next 50-60km in broken and weak lift, but as we passed the sucky area with the turnpoint we could see a bit less clouds ahead and a few tiny cu’s were forming under the higher clouds.

I met up with the Olav’s as we were getting closer to goal, and we started to speed up a little as we were getting caught by the pilots who startet later than us and used the improving conditions to catch up.

In the gaggle with the Olav's and Thomas
In the gaggle with the Olav’s and Thomas

I had a 13:1 glide to goal 16km out, with 15-20km/h tailwind, but got a terrible line with massive sink, and got very low 4km out, but finally found a turbulent thermal 100m over the trees that gave me enought height to glide to land in the thistle-infestet goalfield. The Olav’s came in just behind me, with Thomas and Erland dribbling in later.


113km and the whole team in goal on a overcast day that nobody thought was going to be flyable – How good is Forbes?

Team at goal
Team at goal

We drove through rain and a gustfront on the way home, and the forecast for the next days are rain, so even less chance of flying – But who knows, maybe we get another race under the clouds.

Results will be here;

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SPOT tracklogs;
Olav Lien Olsen
Øyvind Ellefsen
Thomas Lindal

Forbes 2016, Training days

Yesterday was my first hangglider flight since Arizona in September, getting hooked in to the towline behind the dragonfly, go go go, 3 minutes later I release into a huge thermal that average over 5 m/s and go straight up to 2800 meters. How good is Forbes?

Chillin' out in the sky
Chillin’ out in the sky

The team here this year are the veterans Olav Opsanger, Olav Lien Olsen and me, Thomas Lindal who was here last year, and Erland Åmot as freshman here for the first time. Since we had one free spot in the car we also have the Dutch pilot Gijs with us for retreives.

The first days here have been good flying, today saw a bit of overcast with cirrus and a bit more wind, but conditions were quite rough and strong in some parts. We set a task today, but it was into the shade so some of us turned back, while Olav Lien Olsen completed it and Erland did 80%.

Thomas was attacked by a wedge-tailed eagle today, the eagle ripped his nosecone off the glider, making it “interesting” to fly, but he managed to land safely without any major issues.

The forecast for the first few comp days is not great, it’s raining and lightning outside as I write this, but there is a good chance we can fly tomorrow if the more positive weather forecasts are accurate.

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Forbes 2015 – Final results

So it’s all over, flying muscles are sore, but I wish we could start all over again tomorrow. We had a great time in the sky and on the ground, thanks to Vicki, Moyes, tugpilots, all the voulenteers and all pilots and crew, you made it all possible, what a great comp it was!

Thermals next 250km
Thermals next 250km

Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championships 2015

2015-01-01 to 2015-01-08

Total results


Task Date Distance
T1 goong he fat choi 2015-01-01 12:00  135.1 km Race to Goal with 4 startgate(s)
T2 mezzanine 2015-01-02 12:00  162.1 km Race to Goal with 5 startgate(s)
T3 Forbes BBQ Champions 2015-01-03 12:00  192.2 km Race to Goal with 5 startgate(s)
T4 Moyes Delta Gliders 2015-01-06 12:00  249.6 km Race to Goal with 5 startgate(s)
T5 no money 2015-01-07 12:00  157.6 km Race to Goal with 4 startgate(s)
T6 no money 2015-01-08 12:00  121.3 km Race to Goal with 4 startgate(s)


# Name Nat Glider T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 T 5 T 6 Total
1 Zac Majors M USA Wills Wing T2C 144 702 1000 782 976 872 714 5046
2 Jonny Durand M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 860 742 987 873 657 855 4974
3 Gordon Rigg M GBR Moyes RX 3.5 769 875 936 797 872 697 4946
4 Jonas Lobitz M NZL Moyes RS 3.5 733 801 879 907 871 714 4905
5 Jochen Zeischka M BEL Moyes RX 4 715 936 877 675 872 815 4890
6 Trent Brown M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 755 772 904 726 918 785 4860
7 Olav Opsanger M NOR Moyes RX 3.5 931 711 914 630 872 696 4754
8 Attila Bertok M HUN Moyes RX 5 967 697 989 251 876 966 4746
9 Christian Voiblet M SUI Aeros 825 728 844 833 871 592 4693
10 Olav Olsen M NOR Moyes RX 3.5 868 674 804 865 748 701 4660
11 Oyvind Ellefsen M NOR Moyes RX 3.5 823 651 888 662 794 799 4617
12 Glen Mcfarlane M AUS Wills Wing T2C 821 516 887 862 751 777 4614
13 Filippo Oppici M ITA Wills Wing T2C 745 580 922 792 869 703 4611
14 Steve Blenkinsop M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 740 642 911 488 872 857 4510
15 Kato Minoru M JPN Moyes RX 3.5 527 712 729 705 872 835 4380
16 Gerolf Heinrichs M AUT Moyes RX 3.5 883 705 929 779 872 189 4357
17 Tullio Gervasoni M ITA Wills Wing T2C 722 582 928 103 872 838 4045
18 Len Paton M AUS Moyes RX 4 840 364 948 278 848 752 4030
19 Jon snr Durand M AUS Moyes RX 4 665 513 632 771 617 802 4000
20 Harrison Rowntree M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 778 410 651 452 871 743 3905
21 Gijs Wanders M NED Icaro 807 687 650 794 731 217 3886
22 Guy Hubbard M AUS Moyes RS 4 740 721 625 644 283 726 3739
23 Simon Braithwaite M NZL Moyes RX 3.5 413 451 824 681 659 692 3720
24 Lukas Bader M GER Moyes RS 4 482 715 350 667 773 674 3661
25 Yasuhiro Noma M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 402 315 658 617 873 742 3607
26 Gavin Myers M AUS Moyes LSS 5 788 539 820 67 585 729 3528
27 Phil Schroder M AUS Airborne Rev 680 454 313 659 725 603 3434
28 Grant Heaney M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 676 169 608 643 591 678 3365
29 Nils Vesk M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 672 599 436 403 491 709 3310
30 Andrew Barnes M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 724 395 735 84 656 714 3308
31 Rohan Taylor M AUS Moyes RS 4 236 483 542 588 668 578 3095
32 Geoff Robertson M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 414 568 346 414 493 846 3081
33 Victor Hare M AUS Wills Wing T2C 258 525 540 395 638 653 3009
34 Federico Martini M SUI Moyes RX 3.5 207 585 619 504 441 572 2928
35 Sasha Serebrennikova F RUS Moyes RX 3 303 355 473 579 559 639 2908
36 Conrad Loten M NZL Moyes RS 3.5 582 589 691 157 299 480 2798
37 Mark Russell M AUS Moyes RS 4 586 577 569 314 76 376 2498
38 Josh Woods M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 232 274 555 31 868 429 2389
39 Mikhail Karmazin M RUS Aeros Combat 585 439 581 242 451 48 2346
40 Chris Czajkowski M AUS Moyes RX 5 244 293 473 402 444 203 2059
41 Takeshi Yokoyama M JPN Moyes RX 3.5 489 173 443 419 418 48 1990
42 Yoko Isomoto F JPN Moyes RX 3.5 123 71 77 540 727 404 1942
43 Ryosuke Hattori M JPN Aeros Combat 131 269 143 423 222 508 1696
44 Dale Regehr M CAN Moyes RX 4 501 281 326 68 346 48 1570
45 Sander Van Schaik M NED Icaro Laminar 235 71 301 269 485 48 1409
46 Emiel Jansen M NED Icaro 131 199 338 31 236 322 1257
47 Enda Murphy M AUS Moyes RX 3.5 30 30 575 172 344 1151
48 Thomas Lindal M NOR Moyes RS 4 275 41 183 381 214 1094
49 Viv Clements M NZL Moyes LS 5 244 101 118 79 219 243 1004
50 Peter Dall M AUS Airborne Rev 100 268 327 256 951
51 Phil Seeley M GBR Moyes RX 3 30 30 20 72 357 126 635
52 Adam Jones M AUS Moyes LSS 5 30 306 31 125 48 540