Brasilia Pre-Worlds, day 2

We had a mostly blue day today, with some good thermals between all the broken and weak thermals trying to get through the inversion.

I got off into nice lift, and met up with the whole team taking the first start clock at 13:20. We all had a good run until the first TP, and from there I joined up with Erland for the 30km headwind leg towards the second TP. I thermalled up 3km from the TP and went on glide with the lead gaggle, but got hammered in sink to the TP and back, loosing out 200m on the pilots just next to me. I found an OK thermal again and got up, but had lost contact with the lead gaggle.

After getting back up Olav Opsanger and Erland caught up with me, and we glided towards goal crossing over a small lake north of Planaltina city. I was 20 meters below and 50 meters to the left of Olav Opsanger, and again hit a massive sink line losing 200m in 1 minute to Olav that was just gliding straight 50 meters away from me. I tried to move away from the sinkline, but even pilots right under me were not affected and I continued to fall out of the sky and  was soon groveling low finding nothing. 4 other pilots landed in the same field with me, 16 km from goal. What a shit way to end a good days flying.

The rest of the team did well and made goal, around 30 pilots in goal in total.