Brasilia Pre-Worlds 2016, day 1

It was pretty good racing and strong conditions until til first TP and back towards start. The whole team had a good start, but Olav Lien Olsen was pushing a bit hard and landed close to the first TP. Olav Opsanger and I had a fast flight back to the ridge south of takeoff, when conditions were weaker and we had to change gears a bit and slow down.

I got a terrible line as we glided to the edge of the plateu and came in below Johnny Durant and Olav who banked up in a good core, I could not find the thermal and ended up on my own struggling to get high while the main gaggle further out in the valley got high.

I finally got up and came in over the lead gaggle just before the second TP,  but the conditions were slow and weak, and I needed around 150m more height to get back into the lead thermal. I joined a weak core with Bjørn Joakimsen, but we could not find the thermal we needed and landed after some kilometers.

Erland landed close to the second TP, while Olav Opsanger had a great flight and came to goal with 3. place.

North of Brasilia
North of Brasilia