Fall to winter

Today our beginner course had their last planned day of the course, we wanted to get their first footlaunch high flights done before the winter break in December and January. I met up with Terje Solberg at Lier and we both brought our gliders along. We drove to Hjartdal and met up with the students and instructors there, but it was foggy at landing and tailwind at takeoff. It was a very pretty view above the fog though, but I did not bring my camera to takeoff. It looked like it would clear up a few times, but in the end we had to pack up.

Terje S and I were desperate to fly so we drove to Flesberg in hope of better conditions there, the fog was not as thick in the valley, but it was still not possible to fly. We sacrificed two burgers with chips and salad to the weather demons, and drove home.

My new moyesmobile with depressing winter conditions in the background.

Fog at Flesberg
Fog at Flesberg

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