Preparing for our next beginner course

Tomorrow we start the first intro days to our beginner course this fall, the intro days are free and gives the potential students a chance to see and try to fly a little in the training hill. After this they can sign up for our beginner courses if they want to learn how to fly. The course will be run as a scootertowing course, making it very efficient and safe.

On monday we had an instructor meet, to teach all the instructors how to use the scootertowing system. All 7 instructors were there, and we had a good afternoon of towing with me acting as a student making all the normal mistakes we see among the students.

Today Terje and I sat down to make new bridles for the student harnesses, as our old and worn out bridles are getting unsafe. Since this was a lot of work we had to fly in some foreign labour from Germany to help us finish in time;

Imported labour :-)
Corinna as our new bridle maker :-)
Today's result
Today's result, 6 complete bridles.