Manilla 2010, Day 4 results

I started with Johnny, Grant, Dave Sieb, and a few others, we stuck together for the first few thermals, struggled a little around Barraba, and then I went more to the left under good clouds but over bad terrain for a while. We then met and split up again a few times until the turnpoint at Bingara.

We were almost at the same level before starting final glide, but Johnny was a bit more to the left of me, Chris and Jonas. He got a thermal there that we missed, and could stay on top controlling the glide in. It was shockingly bad air, we were gliding at 5:1 for long periods, Chris and Jonas had to land 1 km short of the circle, while I made it in with about 100 meters height. I found a nice thermal just as I was setting up to land and thermalled up again to have a look around the town and watch the other guys come in.

The results from the Manilla competition can be found here;

Today looks like another good day, with a bit more southerly winds. We have the briefing at 12:00 on the hill.

Some pictures from goal yesterday;