Rainy season

The weather demons have shown us who’s the boss the last month or so, Mr. Wet and Mr. Windy have been hyperactive. So when the conditions cleared up for half a day I took the opportunity to get some airtime. It was ridge soarable at Sundvollen for some short periods while Jarle, Harald and I were setting up, but too soon it was just a matter of getting out in the air before the katabatic flow kicked in with tailwind.

I did an extended landing pattern as a video demonstration to show our students how you can handle a situation being too high on the base leg. Hope it comes out clearly.

Todays video;

[media id=13 width=640 height=480]

It was good for the soul and body to get back in the air again. Soon I will get more quality airtime in Forbes!

Some pictures from the day;