Fall update, hanggliding course

Fall is here, which signals the end of the season for thermal and XC flying. As usual I’ve been busy with running a hanggliding course for the Oslo club, we have a nice scooter tow operation to train new students. We have 9 students in our course, 7 new, one PG pilot, and one HG pilot that have been out of flying for the last few years.

This year it’s been me doing most of the instructing and organizing the course, Bjørn is working himself to death in his new healthcare job, and Steinar have started playing heavy metal again in addition to building a cabin and fixing MD 80’s for SAS. Luckily I’ve had Benedicte, Terje, Gunnar, Harald, and a few others helping out, so the course have been efficient despite lots of cancelled weekends due to bad weather.

I’ve squeaked in a few afternoons to get some quality time under my Litespeed, but I’ve been unlucky with the conditions at Sundvollen with too much wind on the last two days I tried to fly. Looks good again this week, hope I might be able to get a soaring flight in soon.

Yesterday we actually trained the students in rain, I’ve never flown in this much rain before, but the Falcon’s flew very nicely even soaking wet, so it was actually a good day for the students. The wind was very laminar and smooth, it helps a lot for takeoffs and landings.

This was the view from our training field.

Fall is here...
Fall is here...