Frya Cup 2009, Day 2 and 3

Day 2 was blown out, some pilots freeflew and reported turbulence and some wave conditions.

Day 3 seemed to be a good day at Frya, but the first pilot at takeoff reported strong tailwind, and we relocated to Heidal where conditions seemed better and it was cleary launchable. We set up and got a task via Otta, Fåvang kirke and to goal at Frya, 74km.

It was less thermals than usual in Heidal, and some of the first pilots struggled to get up, and some landed. I saw Nils F hooking a nice thermal to the right of the ramp, I took off and glided straight into that thermal. We got to cloudbase at 2600m with good timing, and only had to wait in the cold for a few minutes before the start gate.

I had a good run to Kvam, having Nils Aage a little in front, and Johannes just below me. Olav Lien had gone left and quite far into the mountains under some good clouds. I spotted a clodstreet from Kvam and after thermalling up at the start of the street I could fly straight maintaining altitude until after Harpefoss, where I could hop 45 degrees and continue under the next street towards Kvitfjell.

When I passed over Frya my instrument became very quiet, the display was blank, and I could not turn it back on. I remembered I had not charged it since Bassano, and in the -10 degrees air it did not have enough power to keep working. Shit… I glided towards the last TP, hoping it would turn back on in warmer air, but it never came back to life.

I turned around and had a long and slow glide back to Goal. Landed downwind and took out one upright just to complete the day. I was first in goal, with Nils Aage and Olav Lien a few minutes behind. 6 or 7 pilots made goal.

I’ll post some pictures later.

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