Nordic meeting in Iceland

The annual Nordic hang and paragliding committee is meeting in Iceland this year. We are rotating between the member countries in order, so next year we will meet in another country. The meeting is helt in November when it’s not very flyable in the nordics.

Here we have just started the meeting at Agust’s office, and the sun is rising at 9:45 (Iceland is 12 degrees west). Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway are represented in the meeting.

Nordic meeting 2008
Nordic meeting 2008

The goal of the meeting is to coordinate the work of the committee through the year, and evaluate and approve bids for the Nordic championships, approve Nordic records. The committee also work with accidents and training matter, as well as environmental issues and coordinate these matters within the member countries.

I have a business meeting with one of our software suppliers on Monday, so I will stay until then and hopefully get time to see a little of Iceland on Sunday.

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