2 thoughts on “Nailing the spot”

  1. I’s been a while since I flew the Falcon 3, but I’d say they are both excellent gliders in their class.

    The Malibu feels like it has a better glide and more speed potential, while it maintains a very low stallspeed. The Malibu is probably better in more wind, since it has less pitch pressure. The Falcon bleeds off the energy faster when landing, so the Falcon is easier to land in a small spot. (I found this out the hard way the other day, flaring the Malibu into the treeline when it glided better than I thought)

    I prefer the looks of the Malibu, the “Inlaid” sail looks great. Hardware is nicely done, except for the poor choice of brackets for the uprights, that makes the glider “tip over” when you put it up on the A-frame.

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