Streaming videos, course progress

Yesterday Steinar and I were instructors again. Our student did 10 tows, I did two, and Steinar one flight. All in less than three hours including setting up and packing up. The student did his first full tows, learned to turn around and set up a landing pattern, and spot land.

I did a test to see how far we can push the Falcon on the towline. I found it nearly impossible to stall the glider on tow, the scooter will loose power and the glider will just dip the nose and recover even if I have stretched my arms out as far as I can.


Since YouTube does not allow videos of more than 100MB, I made a direct link to the video files in the previous posts. I then discovered that Google Video will let you post much bigger videos, by using their desktop uploader. So here’s the two towing videos for your pleasure;

The videos were taken with my Canon Ixus that records 30fps, in 640×480 progressive scan. It’s actually quite good quality, but the compression used by Google lowers the quality drastically. Posting the full quality would be a few hundred megs per minute of video.Maybe I should look into a way of embedding my own video player into the site…