Nice weekend flight

I went to Vågå this weekend for a party, and only brought my harness in case it would be flyable. Saturday turned out to be a great day, and Fredrik and me decided to go up to Vole and try to get a flight. It’s still some snow on the road up the mountain, so the drive up with summer tires on Olav’s old Passat was quite an adventure. After some pushing over slippery parts and some rally inspired driving by Fredrik we got within carrying distance to the takeoff. After a 20 minute walk we were on takeoff, only to discover that the glider Fredrik borrowed did not have a basebar. Bummer.

Olav had borrowed me his old Litespeed S,  I quickly set up and took off in perfect conditions. It was blue but I launched straight into a nice 3 m/s thermal that took me up to 1700 meters. It was quite cold, but I enjoyed the scenery and extremely clear air, what a change from the fog in Bassano. Now I could see that I really need to clean the visor of my helmet, the dirt was not noticeable in Bassano.

I flew to Lalm, and had a quick sightseeing back to the center of Vågå before I became too cold and went down to land. Nils Åge and Tore had gone to Heidal and both flew back to Vågå and landed before I took off.