Vågå Open 2006

The Vågå Open 2006 competition starts on Saturday, and last for 8 days. It’s the Nordic and Norwegian championships, as well as an open competition. I’ve not had much thermal training this year, and I feel quite rusty. It will be interesting to see how it feels to get back into competition mode again. Last year I was organizing and running the scoring for the comp, it was too much and my flying suffered from it. This year I will help out doing the weather, but that’s all. Forecast for the weekend is very good.

We drove to Vågå last night, since the forecast was OK and I wanted to get at least one flight before the competition starts. But on the way up from Oslo I had to slow down many times because of very strong winds, and after arriving in Vågå I woke up because of the wind shaking the house. Still today looks like it will be flyable later in the afternoon. There’s quite a few people here already for the competition. I’ll try to go up even for just a sled ride down tonight.