Towing weekend

The weather did not permit much flying on Thursday and Friday. I towed up behind Truls two times on Thursday evening from Spydeberg. It was very wet on the airstrip, but we got a OK tow into some good thermals. I flew into rain on the second tow, and stressed on landing with the wet glider, resulting in some bendt aluminium. I have not flown the Litespeed since July last year, and I was all over the sky on the first tow. I’ve never had so few hours for so long before, and I feel I need many more hours to get back into tune with the glider.

The strip at Trøgstad was too wet to use until Friday afternoon, I tok the tug over and towed Johnny for a late flight. Saturday was a very good day, 14-15 pilots showed up, and the thermals were quite good in the afternoon. Only Ingar went for XC, but I think it was very good conditions more pople should have used the opportunuity. I did 8 tows in the tug after Alf had been tow pilot for most of the day. Many pilots got their first aerotows, and we had no incidents.

Seems like most pilots had enough after one day, as only Ove, Bjørn and Terje S showed up on Sunday. Truls towed us up, I had forgotten my vario and found it difficult to stay up over the flatlands without it. I borrowed one from Terje S for my second flight, but fell through in a weak period. Very nice conditions to fly and tow in.