New Varios from Braüniger and Flytec

Brauniger IQ One+

The new instrument range from Brauniger and Flytec seems to be aimed at the pilots buying their first instrument. The instruments have the most basic features, and looks more user-friendly than before. There is not much info on the websites yet (Flytec only have a picture, no info)

The display is as usual different between the factories, Brauniger have the traditional round vario indicator, while the Flytec version have the stacked bars. Judging from the fields visible in the display there is no GPS functions, the logger funtion seems to be a barograph only. The Braunigers are called One and One+, where the + version have an extended memory for logging up to 130 hours of flight data. Check out the Brauniger IQ One+ product page at the Brauniger website.

Oddly enough the Flytec version is called 6005 GPS, it does not look like a GPS enabled instrument, judging from the size and display. The Flytec version (Pic below) does not have markings on it – I call a marketing bluff from Flytec!

Flytec 6005 GPS ??

The market for a non-GPS enabled instrument cannot be that big, every pilots that I know like to look at the tracklogs in Google Earth or SeeYou after flight, even if it’s a sled ride or boring ridge soaring. But if the price is right (as in low enough) it might be a good idea. The electronics and housing should be much cheaper to produce now than when the IQ basis and 4005 was launched.