Drilling holes in the air

I spent the weekend flying and working on the Dragonfly tug. It was nice weather for flying both days, and not much movement in the air even with clear blue skies on Saturday. It was cold to fly, but covering all exposed skin and adding some ekstra layers of clothes made it tolerable.

I used my Loki jacket and pulled the integrated mitts over my Skyline gloves to keep the fingers warm. It was too cold with just gloves, so the extra mitts really worked well.IMG_1315.JPG

The tug needed some electrical work with the water temp gauge malfunctioning. I got a new digital engine management instrument, and mounted it on Sunday. It worked really well, but I wish I could have kept the old analouge rev counter as it was more readable. Picture of the revised panel, engine management is the lower digital instrument.

I also found a coolant leak from a rotten hose from the radiator, and replaced it with a new hose. Life is so much easier with a hangglider, no engine to maintain and just some wires that needs replacement every 100 hours. But then again I flew 2 hours in beautiful conditions on Saturday, while the hanggliders were having 5 minute sled rides from Norefjell. You can’t have it all…