Winter soaring at Sundvollen

What a week it’s been, I’ve had a infection in the mouth since last week, then I got the flu on Sunday, and then had a major operation to remove a tooth Wednesday. I looked like Marlon Brando in The Godfather movie on my left side of the face. Finally on Sunday I had no fever and felt like doing something more than walking from the bed to the TV couch, so I went flying.

Lots of people at Sundvollen today, mosty HG pilots since the forecast was for some wind. Frode took a few pictures, here’s me over takeoff on the Target trainer.

Me on the Target

It was nice and slow conditions in the morning, the first pilots fell through. Then some huge snow squalls made it very windy, before it slowed down and became very soarable. I flew for 20 minutes before I got too cold and went down. I felt the first thermals today, still wintery though…
12006.02.26.Sundvolden 025.jpg