NHPC meeting in Stockholm, Day 2

Scott, Hans Peter and Riika. The PG Nordic Trophy on the table…
NHPC meeting 2005

Anton, Violeta, Stein Tore and Anders. Scott ghosting in the background.
NHPC meeting 2005

Acro status
Only Norway seems to be doing anything in HG Acro, while in PG Norway, Sweden and Finland have activity. Denmark have no pilots that are interested, Latvia and Lithuania have SIV courses that might be developed towards acro in the future.

Training and safety
The Swedish paragliding federation presented their new education system, since their old education system was not working good. They made their own system in the early 90’s. The new system is not based on ParaPro, thus they have reinvented the wheel for the second time.

CIVL matters
Scott and August updated us on what’s going on in CIVL, bids for the Cat 1 comps, new and updated badges for flights. Scott is trying to get the OLC working with FAI. August is running a group in CIVL to make flight verification software for competitions and records and badges available for free through the CIVL. This is very good news, as todays situation with a myriad of different versions and databases is difficult to handle. The WPRS is also under change, August is working on incorporating changes to the formula and validity.

We also discussed the proposals from DHV about measuring sprogs at the comps, and the combining of class 1, 2 and 5 world championships.

Other matters
The different countries have varying accident investigation procedures, Sweden have had to make an official investigation about every accident by law. Other countries seem to make their own investigations. Our common insurance have changed to another company, but all the fees and insurances are the same as before.

The isurance matters is aways discussed at length, Denmark have an extremely high 3. party liability. If you want to fly there you need the same insurance as a 747.

The next meeting will be hosted by Latvia, 25/11 2006.