Tug flying

Today I was at Kongsvinger and finally got the Rotax engine on the tug working again, it was drawing false air because of a broken rubber flange. We suspected the fuel pump and ignition problems initially, but after some troubleshooting and a cancelled towing day we discovered the broken part.

I got new flanges from the Rotax dealer in Drammen yesterday, and replaced the flanges today. I also replaced the fuel pump, and mounted it better than the old one. According to the docs it should be mounted horizontally and higher than the vacuum nipple. Last Tuesday Alf and I replaced spark plugs, caps, and wiring. I dicovered a small coolant leak last time that that I also fixed today, and I remounted the intake silencer so that it would not stress the new flanges as much from vibration.

Now the tug is working real good, and climbes much better than I ever felt it do. I did three test flights before it became too dark and cold. Tomorrow is probably too windy to tow, but we might go towing on Sunday if the winds die down enough.

Here’s a short flyby I did last weekend, video by Fredrik.

The hangar project is moving along, slowly. But we now have the materials we need to make roof and walls. We just need a few more hours of work to complete it, and get the tug down there. From then on it’s going to be a lot more towing activity from Trøgstad. Stay tuned.