Milslukern 2005, Day 2 and 3

Saturday was another classical good day in Vågå. We got a layer of cirrus making it challenging to get up and away early, but the day improved and conditions were very good later in the day. The window was open from 12:30, the first gaggle hat problems when crossing to Grimsdalen and most landed there. Later pilots got good conditions and we had many pilots fly to Tynset, with Nils Åge stretching it 139km to Røros.

The weather forecast this weekend have been quite precise, and we could see the forecasted warm front moving in late Saturday. We hoped it would pass sooner than predicted so we could fly in Bøverdalen, but at the briefing at 13:00 it was obviously going to stay for some hours more. We cancelled the last day and had price giving. Many people seemed happy to go home early after two days of long flights and longer retreives.

Total winner of Milslukern PG 2005 was Mikael Ulstrup. This is Mikael to the right, with Fredrik Jensen to the left.

Nils Åge Henden won the HG comp. All results at Jetta LSK homepage