Ringerud (Finally some good flying)

Saturday was forecasted to be flyable, but it was quite gray and windy in Oslo when I woke up. I called Bjørn and Alf, none of them wanted to go flying because of the weather. I met up with Ric, a visiting pilot from the states, and picked up the Falcon at Bjørns house. Terje Solberg wanted to fly and came to takeoff just as we were getting ready. Erik Vermaas and Gary were also at takeoff, at the NE launch.

Conditions were looking good, the cirrus layer gradually got thinner and cumulus clouds started popping up around us. Erik took of first and quickly got over takoff. Gary took off and scratched for a long time around launch before he had to land. Ric took off in a slow period and also landed after scratching for a while over a clearing in the forested hillside.

I took off in a good period and got up in a thermal to the left into the wind, it was slow in the beginning and I had to go back out three times before I had enough height to drift in over the higher peaks behind takeoff. In there it was very good air, and hard to stay below controlled airspace. I saw Erik coming back from the north and I followed him in case we should go for a XC, but it was rain and gray to the south west over Sokna. Terje Solberg also got up and was cruising around in the nice air. I flew down to the airstrip south of the dam, and crossed over the lake to the sunny side again.

After landing Fredrik picked me up and we had a nice barbeque at the takeoff with Maria and Georgia, while Ric flew again, this time he got up nicely.

Today it was rain with thunder in the afternoon.