Manfred’s course

Olav, Arnt and me signed up for Manfred Ruhmer’s course on competition flying earlier this year. Jon Gjerde also signed up and was there two weeks ago, he had a good time in Greifenburg in Austria with perfect conditions.

Yesterday we got a call from Bob who arranges the course, he wanted to merge the two remaining groups into one and hold it in July. Unfortunately it collides with Milslukern so the suggested week is not possible for us. We asked to move it to the week after the pre-Europeans, and have it at Greifenbug where the German Open is held at the same time. Flying in the comp with feedback from Manfred would probably be very efficient. I hope this is possible, we’ll know more when Bob get back to us.

On the weather front here, things are looking brigher, but still a bit windy. The XC course in Vågå have had only local and non flying days so far.