Back home

I think this picture of (the remains of) my Icaro “kevlar” flying gloves illustrates that we flew a lot, and also that the weather was warm :-) Guess which finger I use to hold the VG rope… I’ll need to start looking for new warm-weather gloves. The Skyline Cosy gloves I have are very good for cold weather, but too warm for summer use.

I spent the last day at Quest flying the tug, learning landings in more challenging conditions, and doing some wingovers and spin entrys with Bobby in the back seat. Flying the Dragonfly is really fun, it’s easy to fly and I felt connected to the air in the same way as in a hangglider.

The Dragonfly Tug

All in all it was a great trip, we flew a lot and had a fun and challenging competition in really good conditions. I want to go back there next year.

Before we left Olav and I bought a Sony PSP each, and spent the flight home playing Ridge Racer against each other. The PSP is the coolest electronic device I’ve seen in a long time, we almost missed the breakfast concentrating on the game. I did ofcourse beat Olav 41 to 9 before we collapsed into sleep :-)

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  1. Are you sure that lots of flying made your gloves fall apart? I think it is due to bad landings :-)

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