At Quest, day 3

It was NE winds today, which makes it a bit difficult to get up around Quest because of some large lakes to the NE. We had to wait for the XC course to tow up first, then we could take off. I had two tows, on the first I released at 500 meters into zero lift, and could not find anything after that. We had been towing through sink all the way and I mistook the better air for lift. Classic mistake.

I hung on the second tow all the way up, and found some weak lift to work with. It was totally shaded now, and I just flew around trying to keep upwind without getting anywhere. I could not get to cloudbase, but it was easy to stay up. I did not want to drift away without having any retreive, so I landed back at Quest. Olav and Olav is still flying, hope they make it back.