Jetta LSK is rebuilding the takeoff-ramp at Espesetra. The new ramp is much bigger and better placed for takeoff, if we can get some gravel to fill in the back it’s perfect for paragliders too.

Espesetra in springtime is a good site with some very strong thermal conditions on the good days. Last May, Arnt and I took off there into some wild lift, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder fighting to stay in a 5-7 m/s core on the way up to cloudbase. I flew almost 100km that day, but the next day I had to land after 30km because of pain in the shoulder.

Arnt and me psyching up at takeoff, pic by Frode Halse

Espesetra May 2004

Getting ready for the action! I really hope we get such good days this spring too.

Espesetra May 2004

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  1. Great work with the ramp! I advise you put a PP4 limit on this take off. Conditions here can be quite punishing!! In my opinion probably the best XC take off for paragliders in the country..

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