Course at Sundvollen

Sunday I went out with Bjørn to be instructor for the course. Pål would have his first high flights, while Lars and Petter would take their last flights to finish the course. We met up 09:00 at the landing, the conditions looked good. Lars missed the landing on the frozen lake(!) on his first flight, and had to land on a nearby field when he misjudged the height and came too low to make it over the trees out to land. He landed OK in the field under powerlines between fences.

Pål got his first high flights and looked like the happiest man in the world after both. Seeing the students like this makes it worth all the work and responsibility it is to be instructor. Petter is now finished with the course, and have earned his SP2 displaying very solid flying skills.

It was soarable for periods, and when we went up to take the last flight just before dark the wind picked up and became very soarable, but too strong for the students. Bjørn and Terje had both got some 20-30 minutes soaring earlier in the day.

All three students are in need of gliders, let us know if you know of any beginner gliders for sale. They also need varios and harnesses.

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  1. Hi,
    I was surfing in the Internet and was very fascinated about your story of flying, about the all the adventures of your friends. It is fantastic to know about something happen in the reality, better than in the hollywood films!!! Best regards from Fxxxx :-))

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