Winter flying at Flesberg

Winter view at Flesberg On Saturday Bjørn and I decided to take two of our students to Flesberg. It was forecasted light snow and easterly winds, which turned out to be an accurate forecast. It was perfect conditions with almost no wind and only light fog at times. Both Petter and Lars got 3 flights each, they both made good progress in learning how to set up for landing.

We went back again today, driving under dense fog all the way from Oslo. Luckily it was sunny and clear skies at Flesberg, we could see the dense fog just down the valley from takeoff. Since it was almost no wind we gome some periods with tailwind from catabatic flow, but Petter got 3 flights again today, while Lars got 2. The course from Lier also showed up with 2 students that got 2 flights each. It was a cold day in the mountains with -11 degrees at the LZ when we packed up the last time.

Petter taking off with FalconSince Lars was late this morning I took the new WillsWing Falcon 195 for a test flight, it is a very, very good glider. The glider started easily, flies nice and slow, but handles like a much smaller glider. I was very suprised by the quick and effortless roll response, it’s by far the easiest beginner glider I have flown. It has no spiral instability, and suprisingly light pitch pressure. I tested to initiate a turn and just let go of the bar, the glider just continued the turn with stable bank and speed like it was on rails. Flare window was a mile wide, easy to nail the spot on first landing.

Compared to gliders like Atlas and Clubman this is MUCH easier and more fun to fly. The Aeros Target is in the same class, but the Falcon has better handling. If I was going to have a “just for fun” glider this would be it. Highly recommended!

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