Oz, Nordic records, winter flying

I talked to the owner of Hay Carvan park where we will stay during the worlds in Australia. It was forecasted 38 degrees, and the cumulus couds were starting to form at 10:30. With weak northerly winds it sounded like a very good day for flying in Hay. He also said it had not rained much the last months.

Last weekend Tor Erik Stranna and I traveled to the Nordic Hang and Paragliding Committee meeting, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The baltic states invited us to come there, to learn about our cooperation between the nordic nations. The meeting was good, with the main focus on safety issues in competitions. Vilnius looked like a nice city, but we did not have time to do any sightseeing. Most people spoke good English, while Russian is commonly used as language between the baltic countries.

If we include the baltic nations in our nordic group the records will also be included from baltic states. A female Lithuanian PG pilot flew 190km, so it’s potential for good flights in the baltic flatlands.
One other suggestion that came up was a request from Denmark to make it possible for any nordic pilot to set a nordic record in any nordic country. The Danes have run out of space, and so have Iceland. Norway has less than the HG open distance record of 309km between controlled airspace if you go North-South, while it’s still plenty of space to go east into Sweden.

What do you think of this suggestion? It will be decided next year. Feedback is welcome.

Winter has arrived in Oslo, it’s been snowing the last week. This weekend we hope to fly with the students from Flesberg.